Monday, 11 August 2014

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CSS Inline elements List

 Inline elements can appear within block-level or other inline elements. They take up the width of their contents.

Inline elements have no line breaks associated with the element.

HTML5 Inline Elements

Here is a complete list of inline-tag selectors that can by used to style the HTML document by using the power of CSS / CSS3
* will represent Inline Elements new in HTML5
SelectorHTML UseSelectorHTML Use
aAnchored LinklabelLabel for Form Element
abbrAbbreviationlegendTitle in Fieldset
addressA Physical AddresslinkResource Reference
areaArea in Image Mapmark*Marked Rext
audio*Sound Contentmeter*Measurement Range
bmBold textnav*Navigation Links
citeShort CitationoptgroupGroup of Form Options
codeCode TextoptionAn Option in a Drop-down List
delDeleted TextqShort Quote
details*Details of an ElementsmallSmall Print
dfnDefined TermselectSelectable List
command*Command Buttonsource*Media resource
datalist*Drop-down ListspanLocalized Style Formatting
emEmphasisstrongStrong Emphasis
fontFont AppearancesubSubscript
iItalicsummary*Details Header
iframeInline sub-windowsupSuperscript
imgImage EmbeddingtbodyTable Body
inputInput FieldtdTable Data
insInserted Texttime*Date/Time
kbdKeyboard TextvarVariable

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